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Frameworks for brand positioning: The Story Brand Canvas

I came across The Story Brand Canvas from Donald Miller on YouTube, and I love it.

This has become one of my go-to frameworks for brand positioning.

I love it because it simplifies the process of creating a clear and compelling brand message. The canvas makes it easier to create a message that is clear, concise, and effective in communicating the value proposition. This framework provides the structure necessary to build a powerful brand narrative, like the structure of many great stories.

This is how it works:

You have a character (the hero/customer) that has a problem (pain points) and then meets a guide (you), that give the hero a plan (step by step instruction on how to buy/use the product). Then call him/her to action and show them how success looks like (desired outcome and the benefits of choosing your brand) and help them avoid failure (failing to choose your brand means they may not be able to overcome their challenges).

I made an example with LinkedIn as the guide and you as the hero

1. You have a characterT

The story starts with meeting the character. This is the hero. The hero is not your company, but your customer.

2. The hero has a problem

The hero has obstacles it has to overcome before he/she can find success

External problem

Internal problem

Philosophical Problem

3. And then meets a guide

The guide is you. How can you help solve the Hero's problems?

As the guide you gave to demonstrate empathy and show that you understand the problem. And authority to show that you have the tools to help to overcome the obstacles

4. Give the hero a plan

The guide now gives the hero a plan on how to find success

5. Call to action

Give the hero a clear and strong call to action. Because this is what they need to do to be successful.

6. Show them how success looks like

Provide a compelling vision of the future. By reminding them of their desired outcome and the benefits of choosing your brand, you can help guide them towards a positive and satisfying experience.

7. Help Them Avoid Failure

Remind them what happens if he/she don`t choose you as a guide to success. Emphasize the negative consequences of not selecting you as their Guide. Failing to choose your brand means they may not be able to overcome their challenges

And the oneliner I made after filling out the Story Brand Canvas:

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